Is a healthy activity that consists in grouping and organize objects belonging to a specific category that maintains occupied people of different ages and wherever or whatever social background.

Collecting born as a personal interest but is nourish with the exchange, the investigation and the reading that concerns collecting item.  Is exactly for this, that collecting transforms life in creation of constructive relationships with others, inside or outside the own context and territory.

Collecting develops observation abilities, perseverance, tenacity, detail attention, classification methodologies and more. All these abilities make people enhance among develops of new and different abilities in order to get better citizens, friends, students, professionals, workers and scientific researchers.

In the collecting art, is motivate and important to pay attention to the presentation of the collecting item, in order that this object can stop to be just an unanimated thing and can transform itself in a pleasant partner of the time that you spend in his study.

Many years ago, Mauro, one of this museum’s founder, commented that “exists different ways and motivations to travel”, and, in fact, collecting buttons is one of this motivations for travel across fashion, art, history and economy.