DESTRO’S BUTTONS’ MUSEUM has been developed under the support of AMATA FOUNDATION, as permanent location of the buttons collecting, and temporary location of others collecting. 


An activity that arise with the purpose of create an instrument that can promote:


  • Collecting activity as a means for the use of the free time in a suitable way, funny, health and useful, especially for young people, people with others ability and elderlys.

  • New items saleable among artisan, creating buttons using raw material that can be found in their surrounding ambient, that can help the increasing of the hand-craft supply of Panama toward the tourist and that can establish a way to improve familiar economy.

  • The divulgation of the great historic, politic, social, economic and religious subject that is possible to obtain making that analysis of this little objects.

  • Gave the possibility to families, schools, turists and social co-op to have a different recreation activity.
  • Contribute to promoting the culture of inclusion.




Two simple facts has motivated the Italian - Panamanian family, first of all to be involved in museum world and successively to present the collecting in a museum.


The interest for buttons born while was observed, in familiar and friendship meetings in Italy, how was common to found the traditional cookie can, transformed in a buttons can that was pass on for generations.

Looking inside this cans, there was founded buttons with different sizes, materials, manufacture, dating, symbolism colors and forms.  Obvious where the differences between the contents from a can and the other. These fact has raise curiosity and take us to research the motivations, the social messages transmitted from that little objects.  Finally, we get to consider that, despite it was a daily used object, unperceived, has his story, and so is what he deserved to be collected.


Doing the same exercises in other countries, we could verify that buttons were witness of a sequence of facts and habits, strengthen the interest in their studies and in their relation with our story, the economy, the fashion, the habits, the religion and whatever.


In a coincidence way, researches get to discover that some countries as England, Italy and United States has as touristic offer, buttons museums.  That was a motivation to exhibit to people collecting across the creation, first of all, of a Foundation and later, of a museum.

Is in that way that today we can found in Panama a materialized idea that allows that in a little country, without manufacturing and fashion traditions, without the economy based in this productions, offer a location where the interest of buttons can be shared with the other actors of the community, that could appreciate this little items with different point of view.