Buttons are big or little objects, of different appearance, colors and materials used for button up or hold on tight at the proper size; the connect to the item of clothing using some kind of hook or through buttonholes.  His useful function is acting as a closure, even if many where used, just for ornament; they were used, from many years, by kings and slaves, in visible or invisible way. Nowadays buttons can be funded in all families, meetings, cities: just think that when two or more persons get together, there will be always a button there. 


This objects are conserved in families as jewels, (some even in strongboxes), others in drawers, boxes of pack or cans, tins or whatever.


Nobody knows why, but the button is picked up from the floor, is removed from an old cloth that becomes a rag.  Men and women, child or adults, rich or poor, knowingly or not, feel something towards this object, and they get account for his importance exactly in the same time that this little object fall off their clothes.  Many times we try to ignore them, but finally, a button is a button and is an item that gives imagine. These items, adequately presented in a museum, succeed to bewitch the visitor, which detected messages and information that buttons wants to transmit in their story.



We must recognize that all of us are illiterate when we begin to get inside a new topic.  In this case, button’s subject, even though it may seem strange at the beginning, gradually that you continue, get you inside an extended world of knowledge and research: is interesting and fascinating discover how this little object is successful to increase interesting and passion, because you can discover that sometimes it go with fashion and other times, dictated it.

Button record historic, individual or collective events, romantic or cruel moments, record technological develops, identify economic and social crisis, but the most interesting thing, is that through a button, is documented the great innovator capability that can develop a community.

Actually, modern cloths requires to the buttons simplicity, aspect in big disagreement with the complexity that past buttons had, where buttons industry answered with really artwork to the fashion requests, where also the most little button raised interest. All the miniature world that today get us nearest the magic world of buttons.