The museum has his location in Panama Republic, Panama Province, San Miguelito District, Residencial El Bosque, Vía Tangaré, house number 69A, Phone number (00507) 230-1974, e-mail:

Facebook: "Museo de botones Destro"


Instagram: "museobotones"

In Google Maps you can write "Museo de botones Panamá" and you will get the map.

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FREE ENTRANCE: there will be not money requests or price to get inside the museum.  Is appreciated that people can leave a voluntary offer in order to cover management costs as, for example, electricity, cleaning, maintenance and promoting information’s.  There are also well-accepted buttons donations! 


Museum visit will be done against appointment.


ACCESSIBILITY: the museum location is in second floor and you can reach only using stairway.  It is not possible the entrance for the disabled, but just for this purpose, we are preparing a movable exhibition in order to get the museum to the ground floor and gave the opportunity to anybody to appreciate the contents of the museum.  There is already prepared The Museum for blinds or visual impairments.

The Museum is mentioned in the Latin American and Caribbean museum and science centers guidebook, at the following link 

This guidebook is an effort done by Grupo Museos y Centros de Ciencias Accesibles, Fundación Cecierj, RedPOP, Museo de la Vida and Casa de Oswaldo Cruz - COC | Fiocruz. 



SAFETY: in the Museum exists a safety video camera system.


Yau can contact us in the e-mail:

or using facebook (Museo de botones Destro) or instagram (#museobotones)  


Phone (507) 230-1974  -  (00507) 6926-7492