The museum has his location in Panama Republic, Panama Province, San Miguelito District, Residencial El Bosque, Vía Tangaré, house number 69A, Phone number (00507) 230-1974


E-mail: info@museobotonespanama.com


Geographically, Panama is the bridge between North and South America; a Republic from 1903, year where the country get his independence from Colombia Republic.  Even though has social and political problems (as any respectable country!), this isthmus shows a tourist and an economy increasing, thanks of his advantaged geographically position, at the creative model of develop and for his biodiversity.



Panama isthmus, sin his geological origins has had a big impact in the rest of the world, contributing also in the European climatic changes and in the separation between the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean, with all the consequences in the flora and fauna develop, whether in land and marine.



In pre-colonial era, this isthmus has developed his vocation of transit area from north to south hemisphere and vice versa, getting himself in a center of meeting of native north cultures (Maya) with the south one (Inca); in colonial era, has had a prevalent role as transit territory for goods (including precious as gold) between Atlantic and Pacific ocean.  Still nowadays, can be seen archeological evidences of that era.  At a later time, California’s gold fever, impulse the creation of the interoceanic railway, still functional.





Since 1915 is witness of an intense passage of vessels of world’s merchant marine that, across the Panama Canal, cross from an ocean to another, activity that Panamanian personnel manage with excellence and with high quality standards, both for little and biggest ships.





Panama has a tropical climate; has about four millions of habitants; is a cosmopolite country with a big mixture of races, ethnic group and cultures that lives together freely conserving their habits and their traditions.  His capital is Panama, location where the Museum is located.